Tel Aviv Airport
VIP Shuttle Service

Beyond the VIP services offered at the airport, AEROVIP offers its customers a variety of shuttle services tailored to their needs.

A Driver with transfers, and airport shuttle services are provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week and more.

We can provide shuttle to Ben Gurion / Transfer to Tel Aviv , Jerusalem or any other destination you choose.

The company owns a luxurious and impressive car fleet and it employs a team of skilled drivers and services.

The company’s services are available to a variety of organizations and private clients such as: Diplomats, donors, artists, businessmen, seniors, importers, attendees and organizers of conferences and families from abroad.

We also provide private tour guide and VIP shuttle with security VIPs and tourists around the country / Artists and delegations.

You can choose on the site the type of vehicle you want to fit your exact needs. We know that for a true VIP experience, it is very important that the transportation from and to your destination is of the highest standard.

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