Ramon ׳SWEETA Lounge׳

We are also pleased to present our services at Ramon Airport, in particular our luxurious VIP lounge which is adjacent to Gate 1 — «SWEETA Lounge»

Upon departure from Ramon you can wait comfortably in our exclusive SWEETA lounge.

What’s so special about the lounge?

SWEETA Lounge allows you to enjoy a private and prestigious lounge experience that combines delicious and rich boutique desserts that have been carefully selected for you by a professional chef.

In the lounge you can relax before your flight with our variety of sweet dishes, along with a glass of wine or coffee, comfortable sofas and warm and personal service.

Opening Hours: 06: 30 am-22: 30 pm

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Ramon ׳SWEETA Lounge׳

Enjoy the perfect VIP journey
at Ramon Suite Lounge


Recognition and respect of guest privacy


Every arrival anticipated and perfectly planned


Journey through Airport in elegant style


A feeling of being relaxed and comfortable