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We here at, VIP Platinum Club, have professional experience organizing guided tours in Israel. For business and hosting VIPs.

As part of VIP hosting, we coordinate, take into account, and combine the interests of the VIP and their crowded agendas to create a breathtaking trip. 

That is why, we have at our disposal off-road vehicles, SUVs, minibuses and luxury buses, to accommodate any number of guests. We guarantee a precise level of logistics for your trip, from determining the route, to reservations at restaurants and tourist sites, and beyond.

  • Guided tours are available in any number of interests: religion, architecture, agriculture, birding, food, wine, art and more
  • The service is provided by licensed tour guides and professional drivers, all of whom are certified by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Tourism . 

In addition, our customers can choose from a variety of luxurious vehicles used for the transportation of VIPs to and from the airport, to enhance any tour around Israel. 

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